Middle TN Mule Skinners

For many years the MTMS have coordinated one of the best Draft Mule Show in the Southeast.  With the help of the American Gaited Mule Association and its affiliation the MTMS show, over the past couple of years has expanded its fields, lengthened the plow rows, dropped the lines and enjoyed gaited / riding glasses after the draft classes.  This has grown into a wonderful full day event for the MTMS and thanks to the sponsors in the program below, is an annual event MTMS will continue to add to and grow with yearly.  MTMS begins planning for this show / event in January of each year and we invite you now to plan on spending the second Saturday in May each year in Woodbury TN for the annual MTMS Mule Show. 

We THANK all of our past sponsors and ask you to plan for MTMS in your upcoming budget.  The rural heritage of the mules is something all ages enjoy!

MTMS Programs & Show