Teams at Work

Working mules is something we all remember and relate to in growing up if we are of a certain age.  Perhaps older admirers, it is something we want to forget.  In some of today's society TEAMS AT WORK are  still Working Mules.  In the Amish Communities, Mules are still a means of survival for crops being tended as well as most heavy work loads.   TEAMS AT WORK in more modern society is a hobby life for some.  Yes, the mules work in the fields cutting hay or breaking ground but it is more of a hobby for those who make their living in more modern ways and use this as a way of taking themselves back to memories of long ago.  TEAMS AT WORK however are used in some modern day instances for true logging needs in special instances by loggers today. 

Mules Just Showing Off

Sometimes it is hard to know if it is the owner or the mule showing off when you see a mule / person combination coming.  The longer one is around mules, the more sure one becomes each mule has their own personality.   Mules really are into self preservation, they choose their own likes and dislikes, they do things in their own time, they can kick you with all four feet and will get even given the opportunity,  and yes - they will become the most dedicated friend you ever had if you treat them right........

Teams at Play
Teams found at play for MTMS would be on a wagon train, a family picnic, a leisure ride or perhaps a riding mule out for a ride with its person.  I guess when one considers TEAMS AT PLAY years ago compared to now, the only difference is people in today's society probably have teams they play with and teams they work with; years ago they would be one in the same.  Today as one takes in a Draft Mule show or a serious Riding Mule Competition, they will be sure, these are now your ordinary work mules!

MTMS, Our Mules & Activities

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Grady George Jr, 3rd Place 2 Mule Hitch

The video clips below are set to exhibit the work of the 2015 MTMS during Columbia Mule Day 2015.  After Each initial performance the clip will continue.  The Beginning of the Clip will feature the person mentioned above the video.

Jeff Odle, 1st Place 2 Mule Hitch

Andrew Duggin & Jimmy SImpson

1st in 4 Mule Hitch

Danny Vaughn, 2nd Place 2 Mule Hitch

Middle TN Mule Skinners

1.05.14 is exact mark for Danny

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