Middle TN Mule Skinners

On May 8th, 1997, a group of men gathered in the community room of the Bank of Commerce in Woodbury Tennessee.  The sole purpose of this meeting was the form an organization that would gather and distribute information revolving around the working of the rural mule.

Tasks to be completed, as determined by those in attendance, were sharing information of upcoming events such as wagon rides, plowings, mowings, parades, shows and sales.  This task of information became on of the main objectives of the groups and is still alive today.

During the first meeting a motion was made by Bobby Patterson to call the group the Middle Tennessee Mule Skinners Association.  Larry Hillis made a second on the motion and it carried.  Malcom Jessup became the first President of the MTMS and Sam Odom the Secretary. 

It was then the group decided upon once per month meetings to be held at different locations, and this too, still carries true today. The activities for the MTMS has grown but the objective of preserving the heritage of the rural work mule is still very much sought after today.

Middle TN Mule Skinners History