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Middle Tennessee Mule Skinners (MTMS) strive to preserve the heritage of the rural work mule.  This is accomplished through local work events, shows, exhibitions and participation in community activities using the draft mule.  

Where can I find MTMS?  Middle Tennessee Mule Skinners meet monthly to plan activities, review upcoming events and share stories.  The monthly meetings are scheduled throughout the rural counties in Middle Tennessee to accomodate all members of the association.  See the 'Events Calendar' page for meeting dates, times and locations.  To obtain more information through phone or email, please visit the 'Contact Us' page.

What does MTMS do?  The Middle Tennessee Mule Skinners have been very active since 1997.   The MTMS Annual Mule Show held in Woodbury has grown to be recognized as one of the best  shows in the South East.   MTMS sponsors and organizes seasonal activities such as wagon rides, plowings, mowings, parades and sales as well.     MTMS members have build a reputation by participation in the Columbia Mule Day Parade.  For 35 years, member Buddy Black carried the Grand Marshall of the parade in the number one wagon in the parade.  Member Thomas Summers following, in the number two wagon, with the Columbia Mule Day Queen and her court.  During 2009 the MTMS were well represented as the number three wagon driven by Andrew Duggin and Jimmy Simpson carried all of the past Mule Day Queens and in 2010 they provided transportation for the Mayor of Columbia and his family.  During 2010, David and Jackie Preston, Trent Hancock, Andrew Duggin and Bob Cantrell attended the Ellington Agricultural Music and Molasses Festival in Nashville Tennessee.  During this Saturday visit, three teams of mules provided wagon rides to over 5000 people at the festival.    Thomas Summers also was a big hit at Heritage Day on the Mountain during October 2010 as he gave rides to visitors on a trolley with a four mule hitch.  Thomas and his team provided rides to over 2000 riders during the one day event held at the historic farm of Jimmy Yates on Rocky River Mountain.  To do MTMS continues each of these events as a part of their tradition.

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Founding Father passes away. 


On May 8th, 1997, a group of men gathered in the community room of the Bank of Commerce in Woodbury Tennessee.